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Guillaume François Antoine Marquis de L'Hôpital. Rumors have it that L'Hôpital's Rule was actually discovered by Johann Bernoulli who sold the famous result to L'Hôpital for money...
“While perhaps financial necessity compelled Bernoulli to accept the arrangement initially, it continued after he had settled in his professorship at Groningen in 1695. L'Hôpital, being a noblemen, was accustomed to pay for the services of others, and what he did would not have been considered wrong had Bernoulli been a politician, a lawyer, perhaps even an architect. Certainly it was nothing for L'Hôpital to be proud of. Careful examination of the letters in which L'Hôpital reported his mathematical progress to Leibniz and Huygens shows that with one or two possible exceptions L'Hôpital did not lie, but rather referred to Bernoulli in a condescending tone without acknowledging any debt whatever to him and in matters of provenance wrote in such a way as to suggest without actually asserting.”
(see C Truesdell, The New Bernoulli Edition, Isis 49 (1) (1958), 54-62.)
Crazy for Tenure by Adam Winkler
James Sherley MIT, some info about his tenure case
“Too often university honours, research grants and industrial contracts are awarded on the basis of numbers of publications, rather than on their quality and significance. Obviously, this does not mean that the work of all prolific scholars – including those at Concordia – is without significance or merit. We mean to suggest only that there are strong pressures to be prolific, that those pressures may in turn lead to the adoption of strategies for being as prolific as possible, and that some of these strategies may promote undesirable behaviour. ”
(See full text of Arthurs Report here.)
Valery Fabrikant, formerly Concordia University Professor, today prisoner #167932 D Montreal's Donnacona Prison by Morris Wolfe and Fabrikant's youtube site
Fabrikant, it's now clear, was surrounded not only by people who had a dubious sense of right and wrong but also by human frailty. He was in the employ of a flawed, fractious university, with a celebrity chief officer, hostile senior managers, an impotent campus-support apparatus, and academic colleagues who were often too apathetic or greedy or scared or dainty to blow the whistle. In a community that didn't keep its head, the worst occurred.
Gordon E. Swaters and Andrew Liu of University of Alberta and Andy Liu is a math professor with a reputation in child porn?
Norman Finkelstein, formerly of DePaul University
Amy Bishop, University of Alabama
Avshalom Cyrus Elitzur Getting Tenure at a University
SCUPI story
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