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David Agatstein
Attorney at Law
1777 Reisterstown Road
Commercentre East, Suite 195
Baltimore, MD 21208
Phone: 410-484-1400
Fax: 410-484-8794

Last known residence: 12093 Long Lake Drive, Owings Mills, MD 21117
Place of birth: Russia
Date of birth: 05/24/1955
Wife: Larisa
Daughter: Briana Arnold

BALTIMORE COUNTY AGATSTEIN, David - Commission reprimand for ineffective assistance of counsel in connection with his clients asylum petitions .

BALTIMORE CITY PAPER: Immigration Lawyer David Agatstein Arrested

case 1:08-mj-02797-JKB United States of America v. David Agatstein

09/02/08 Criminal Complaint
09/02/08 Affidavit in support of complaints and search warrant
09/02/08 Arrest Warrant
09/05/08 Entry of appearance in a criminal case
09/05/08 Contribution Order [to investigate the defendant's financial resources]
09/05/08 Conditions of release [surrender any passport to the Clerk of the Court, obtain no passport]
09/05/08 Forfeiture Of Property [226 Stevenson Lane, Towson, MD 21212]
09/05/08 Order To Forfeit Property
09/05/08 Agreement to Forfeit Property
09/05/08 Order To Record Agreement to Forfeit Property
09/08/08 Appointment of an authority to pay court appointed councel
09/17/08 Receipt for passport
09/17/08 Law Office of William B. Purpura
09/26/08 Preliminary Hearing Waiver
01/27/10 Motion to strike appearance
01/28/10 Entry of appearance
01/28/10 Docket Report
criminal case 1:11-cr-00549-BEL-1 United States of America v. David Agatstein
10/07/11 Information as to David Agatstein counts
12/06/11 Notice of attorney appearance for USA
12/06/11 Notice of attorney appearance for David Agatstein
12/06/11 Notice of Hearing
12/20/11 GUILTY Plea
12/21/11 Waiver of Indictment
12/21/11 Plea Agreement
maximal sentence: imprisonment for six months without parole, fine of $5,000, special assessment fee $10
12/21/11 Sentencing Order
12/23/11 Notice of Hearing
12/23/11 Docket Report
04/03/12 Docket Report
Disposition: probation for the term of 1 year, special assessment fee $10
April 19, 2012 Petition for Immediate Suspension
May 9, 2012 (V Day) David Agatstein is disbarred from the practice of law in the State of Maryland
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Immigration Lawyer David Agatstein Arrested
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