David Agatstein
Attorney at Law
1777 Reisterstown Road
Commercentre East, Suite 195
Baltimore, MD 21208
Phone: 410-484-1400
Fax: 410-484-8794

Last known residence: 12093 Long Lake Drive, Owings Mills, MD 21117
Place of birth: Russia
Date of birth: 05/24/1955
Wife: Larissa
case 1:08-mj-02797-JKB United States of America v. David Agatstein

Criminal Complaint
Arrest Warrant
Entry of appearance in a criminal case
Contribution Order [to investigate the defendant's financial resources]
Conditions of release [surrender any passportto the Clerk of the Court, obtain no passport]
Forfeiture Of Property [226 Stevenson Lane, Towson, MD 21212]
Order To Forfeit Property
Agreement to Forfeit Property
Order To Record Agreement to Forfeit Property
Appointment of and authority to pay court appointed councel
Receipt for passport
Law Office of William B. Purpura
Preliminary Hearing Waiver
Affidavit in support of complaints and search warrant